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For me, my depression doesn’t revolve around my work, it revolves around me personally.

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I finally went to somebody a few months ago and she sort of helped me out.We also chat with Goodfellas co-star Illeana Douglas about the anniversary and what it’s like to be a part of cinema history, plus her new role on NBC’s Welcome to Sweden along with the show’s star and creator, Greg Poehler.Welcome to Sweden Season 2 premieres July 19th on NBC, but Season 1 was just released on DVD — and we’ve got your free copy right here!Today we’re (re)celebrating the 25th anniversary of the greatest American movie ever made, Goodfellas!No, of course no network would ever play Goodfellas on a Saturday morning, but that just isn’t enough to stop Grim and Mark from geeking out about it.

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