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He also provided support for Chuck when the latter was expelled from Stanford, as well as when Jill dumping Chuck to go out with Bryce Larkin.

As close as he is to Chuck, Morgan's relationship with Chuck's sister Ellie has been more complex.

Here’s the reality: Alex Morgan is way more powerful and popular than her husband, Servando Carrasco.

Alex Morgan is a World Cup winner and Olympic gold medalist with multiple club championships and a recognizable face from endorsements, book deals, and television appearances.

Servando Carrasco is a journeyman Major League Soccer player who has been bounced between four teams in four years. Here’s another reality: women are, on the whole, expected to be subservient to their husbands’ career needs. Or when a wife prioritizes her career needs over her husband’s?

Just think about the gendered stereotypes that permeate our notions of the workplace. But it’s never weird when a man has advanced over his wife at work, or moves the whole family for his job, or makes more than her (indeed, it’s apparently a source of anxiety to many men if they make less than their wives).

SEE MORE: Alex Morgan’s trade will make her the NWSL’s Herschel Walker.

Morgan Grimes and Chuck Bartowski have been best friends for most of their lives, dating back at least as early as kindergarten.

Other nicknames she's been known by include Ali, Al, Ali Cat, and A-Mor.

Number one supporter: Footballing HABS and WAGS include (clockwise from top left): England's Siobhan Chamberlain and Leigh Moore, US footballer Lauren and Jrue Holiday, Canada's Kaylyn Kyle with Gabriel Farfan, US footballer Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer, and US' Megan Rapinoe with Sera Cahoone.

From the looks of Morgan and Leroux's Instagrams, the friends turned the Hawaii wedding into a fun vacation.

Organ (nickname, season 1), The Bearded One (Chuck, seasons 2-4), Ass Man (Buy More staff, short for Assistant Manager, season 3), Cobra (codename, seasons 3-4), Michael Carmichael (alias, seasons 4-5), The Magnet (codename, season 4), Little Elf (Casey, season 4) Morgan Guillermo Grimes is a main character on the NBC television series Chuck.

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