Error updating dynamic dns entry

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Error updating dynamic dns entry

Also, enabled the automation deletion of DNS records when a matching Active Directory computer account cannot be found.

If you’ve been following some of my past blog posts you’d notice I’ve been fighting some extremely hard to track down DNS problems.

It is quite often coupled with dhcp to provide dynamic network services that have hostnames follow the appropriate machines around. To do it securely, you need to first create a secret key. For every zone you want to allow dynamic updates (for this specific key), you need to add an That's all we have to do.

This secret key will be used to authenticate our dns update clients with the dns server. Create the key as such: No, that is not the key I use. Restart named and you should be able to push updates dynamically to the dns server.

Currently trying to update directly via Open DNS instead of DNS-O-Matic using this config. hostname=homeopendns Username: [my Open DNS username]Password: [my Open DNS password] (where "home" is the name for the registered network associated with my account) With every config I get this error described below config 1) every 30 minutes - which seems to be the interval for the router to send an IP address update to a dynamic DNS service.

My question now is: what should I use as proper "domainname" in the dynamic DNS settings to use with Open DNS dynamic IP updates?

The software utility then periodically checks for a change to the computer's IP address, and when a new IP address is discovered, it updates the Dynamic DNS database to reflect that change.

Box 7330) using the infos for the dynamic IP update which I gathered searching the internet and tried the following configurations: Config 1: Update-URL:

myip=Domainname: dnsomatic Username: [my DNS-O-Matic username]Password: [my DNS-O-Matic password] with this config the IP update works (can be seen on DNS-O-Matic and Open DNS) but my router shows this in the log:"Dynamic DNS-Fehler: Der angegebene Domainname kann trotz erfolgreicher Aktualisierung nicht aufgelöst werden"which means "Although update was successful the domain name could not be resolved". The "domainname" entry in the router is the customer URL from the dynamic DNS provider which makes the router available from external, like "".

This article will cover how to setup dns with dynamic updates aswell as configuring your dhcp server to push updates to it aswell. If there's anything this article doesn't cover with respect to what you are looking for, leave a comment and I'll do what I can.

I assume you already know how to setup plain old dns aswell as plain old dhcp. Dynamic DNS is the means by which to push new records into your dns server while it is running, without having to edit any zone files.

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Some provider offer to update multiple host within one update request. If you found a DDNS provider not listed or with additional IPv6 support or with changed update config 'service' 'myddns' option 'service_name' '' option 'enabled' '1' option 'domain' '' option 'username' 'your_username' option 'password' 'your_password' option 'interface' 'wan' option 'ip_source' 'network' option 'ip_network' 'wan'uci set ddns.myddns.service_name="" # only use names listed in /usr/lib/ddns/services # or /usr/lib/ddns/services_ipv6 (since CC 15.05) uci set ddns.myddns.domain="" uci set ddns.myddns.username="your_user_name" uci set ddns.myddns.password="[email protected]" uci set ddns.myddns.interface="wan" # network interface that should start this configuration/section uci set ddns.myddns.enabled="1" uci commit ddns # don't forget this, otherwise data not written to configuration fileuci set ddns.newddns="service" uci set ddns.newddns.service_name="" # only use names listed in /usr/lib/ddns/services # or /usr/lib/ddns/services_ipv6 (since CC 15.05) uci set ddns.newddns.domain="" uci set ddns.newddns.username="your_user_name" uci set ddns.newddns.password="[email protected]" uci set ddns.newddns.interface="wan" # network interface that should start this configuration/section uci set ddns.newddns.enabled="1" uci commit ddns # don't forget this, otherwise data not written to configuration fileconfig 'service' 'myddns' ...

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